Dr. Thomas Lips has over 25 years experience in the asset management and financial services industry. Before joining Ayaltis as an active board member, he was CIO and Head of Asset Management at Falcon Private Bank (formerly AIG Private Bank) between 1998 until January 2010. He started his career in 1981 at the Union Bank of Switzerland (now UBS), where he was responsible for investment advisory and financial analysis activities and chaired the Investment Committee. From 1993 until 1998 he was Chief Investment Officer at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Bank in Switzerland. Dr. Thomas Lips chairs the Transparency Council Fund of Hedge Funds in Switzerland and he is the President of the Board of Directors of AZEK AG The Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals and a former President (now member) of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA. Dr. Thomas Lips studied economics at the Universities of Fribourg, Basel and Zurich, where he gained his doctorate.