German Tax Transparency

German Tax Transparency

The following share classes of Areca SICAV SIF - Value Discovery fund are tax transparent in Germany:

  • Class A in USD, EUR and CHF
  • Class B in USD, EUR and CHF
  • Class C in USD, EUR and CHF

You can download the reports from the "Bundesanzeiger" below.

If you have any questions in regard to this, please contact our Investor Relations team at

ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2013-06Download 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2014-06Download 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2015-06Download 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2016-06Download 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2017-06Download 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2017-12_fictitious FYEDownload 
ARECA SIF_Value Discovery_German_Tax_Transparency_2017-12_fictitious FYE_DifferenceDownload