Ayaltis – Winner

award2015 The Ayaltis Team is delighted to announce that we won an award by Hedge Funds Review European Fund of the Hedge Funds Awards 2015 in the following category:

  • Narrapuno SPC Spectrum: Best specialist FoHF under $500m over 3 years

Needless to say, we would not have been able to accomplish this without the support from each of our investors and for that we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your commitment over the past years. While we are proud of this achievement, we are equally as enthusiastic about the responsibility we hold and the many opportunities we face in the future.

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Ayaltis – Award Winning Funds

Since our launch in 2008, our funds have been nominated for several industry awards and have won some for superior risk-adjusted returns.

  • 2014 – Winner – “Best Fixed income FoHF” from Hedge Funds Review Awards 2014.
  • 2014 – Winner – “Best Swiss Fund of Hedge Funds” from Swiss Alternative Funds Awards 2014.
  • 2013 – Winner – “Best FoHF Niche Strategies over 3 years” from the BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards 2013.
  • 2013 – Winner – “2013 International Hedge Fund Award – Swiss Fund of Hedge Funds Advisor – Fixed Income & Credit Opportunities”
  • 2012 – Winner –  “Best FoHF Niche Strategies over 1 year” ,  “Best FoHF Niche Strategies over 3 Year” from the  BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards 2012.
  • 2011 – Winner –  “Best sub-100mio USD FoHF” at the Hedge Fund Review’s 10th Annual European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards 2011.
Banco Award for 2013
Hedge Funds Review Awared Winner 2014

Ayaltis Funds Nominated for More Awards

HFM Awards 2013 LogoThe Ayaltis team is very proud to announce the nominations for the HFM Week European Hedge Fund Performance Awards, taking place on April 25, 2013 in London.

Our funds are nominated in the following categories:

  • Fund of Hedge Funds specialist below USD 500m – Areca Value Discovery Fund
  • Fund of Hedge Funds long-term performance 3 years – Areca Value Discovery Fund
  • Fund of Hedge Funds newcomer – Acantias Offshore Fund