Narrapuno SPC – Spectrum Fund

Narrapuno SPC – Spectrum SP

Narrapuno SPC – Spectrum SP (formerly Acantias Offshore Fund) is a diversified fund investing in best of class hedge funds profiting from the rich opportunity set in relative value investing created by the on-going Global Debt Deleveraging. The fund invests in the full spectrum of opportunities starting from term structure event-driven trades in all types of credit sensitive assets as well as more focused funds to deliver a balanced profile for the portfolio.

The fund concentrates on a selected subset of the strategies in the corporate balance sheet universe for its entire event driven generated returns. It seeks to identify the strategies benefitting from the tremendous refinancing needs of corporates and sovereigns in general by structuring trades that are as neutral as possible to market corrections to preserve capital while benefitting from the ultimate credit-event outcome to generate attractive returns. The core part of the fund invests in specialised hedge fund strategies with asymmetric event-driven return profiles such as Relative Value Credit, Event Driven and Distressed Credit. The rest of the portfolio invests in funds with strategies concentrating liquid securities that have withstood the severe test of past market corrections. It invests in strategies to take advantage from global macro dislocations, market momentum and liquidity to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Fund Details


Monthly, 3 days notice


Quarterly, 45 days notice

Reporting: Monthly NAV and bi-monthly NAV estimates.
Fund Administrator: Credit Suisse, Luxembourg
Fund Custodian: Credit Suisse, Luxembourg
Fund Auditor: Ernst & Young, Luxembourg
Fund Manager: Ayaltis AG, Zurich

Fund Objectives

Target Returns:

7% – 9% p.a. over a three to five years investment horizon.

Target Volitility:  < 5% p.a.

Taxation Information

Information on Italy tax reporting upon request to Investor Relations at
Information on UK tax reporting can be downloaded here.
For information on tax reporting, please contact Investor Relations at

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