Ayaltis 10th Anniversary Movie

Full Movie

The world premier of the full movie was on the 8th of November 2018

Ayaltis is Celebrating..

A Decade of Relative Value!

2018 is not just another year, its 10 years after the last financial crisis and at the same time it marks a historical year for Ayaltis. Ayaltis is celebrating its 10 year anniversary since it’s company launch in October 2008. This is definitely a key milestone! Launching a company in the middle of a financial crisis needs a strong will, conviction and the right skill set. Looking back to 2008, you would have met the Ayaltis’ managing partners, Ernesto Prado (CIO) and Son Nguyen (CEO), in a small flat in a residential area close to the Zurich center. Since then, the company has expanded to 16 professionals and outgrew the original small office. Today, the Ayaltis headquarter is close to Zurich’s financial center, Paradeplatz, where many of  the big players are located. 

The two managing partner have had a long-standing relationship, working together prior to joining forces  and setting up their new enterprise. Both have been dedicated to the hedge fund industry in their previous jobs, a key feature which they used to their advantage when it came to hiring team members: A deep understanding of the industry and mastery of financial instruments are paramount. The same is true for the business partners, who fully supported Ernesto Prado and Son Nguyen in getting their start-up off the ground.

Sticking to what Ayaltis knows best while believing in a hard-won and sustainable investment skillset and being open-minded in looking at market developments has worked out well for Ayaltis for the past ten years and remains a key guideline for the future. 

But a success story does not write itself. It is built on years of hard work and endless support from the family, business partners and loyal investors. The company is celebrating 10 years since its inception in 2008 and every single person involved has contributed to this achievement. 

On this occasion, we have launched an anniversary campaign which consists of 5 short teaser videos which will culminate in our new full company image video. These teasers will be released week by week on our website and in various media outlets. Follow us and stay tuned! Watching these teasers will take you into the world of Ayaltis, introducing you to our company, its history and mindset.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our families, our closest business partners and our appreciated investors for their loyalty shown through all these years. It’s been a decade of Relative Value and we are very excited for the years to come.

Thank you for participating in our journey of Relative Value!