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Tselha Audren

Save the Date: Ayaltis Lunch Presentation 2018

Ayaltis will host a series of lunch presentations in several cities starting March 2018, where we would like to guide you through the following topic:

Relative Value Opportunities in a World of Asymmetric Information

If you are interested to attend the presentation, contact our Investor Relations Team, and choose your preferred venue:

8 March 2018: Zurich
9 March 2018: Geneva
14 March 2018: Lugano
28 March 2018: Hong Kong

Save the Date: Ayaltis Annual Investor Event 2017

The Ayaltis Team is pleased to inform you that the Annual Investor Event 2017 will take place on Wednesday, 8 November 2017 in Zurich at the Widder Hotel.

This year, the topic will be: “Relative Value Opportunities in Times of Shifting Regimes” with a keynote presentation by Professor Anat R. Admati who co-authored the famous book “The Bankers’ New Clothes” with Martin Hellwig.

For detailed information kindly contact our Investor Relations team at