Welcome to Ayaltis!
Ayaltis is a provider of specialised funds of hedge funds focusing on
dislocated relative value and niche hedge fund opportunities
to create superior risk-adjusted returns.
Consistent risk-adjusted returns are achieved by
applying a disciplined and proven investment process,
over many years and investment cycles.


Ayaltis is independent and majority-owned
by its partners, employees and strategic partners.
Its client base is diversified and comprising mainly of
institutional investors, family offices
and wealthy individuals.


Our goal is to create portfolios with asymmetric return profiles,
i.e. inexpensive options with significant upside and
minimal downside risk. Our flexible investment strategy
enables us to quickly capitalise on changing market opportunities
and deploy capital only in the best ideas that
meet our investment criteria.

Ayaltis AG

Ayaltis 是一种对冲基金管理公司管理的专门基金,专注于在具有全球宏观偏差的相对价值战略中存在的对冲基金机会。Ayaltis作为其旗舰基金Areca Value Discovery的投资管理公司,其投资者基础由机构投资者、主权财富基金、独立资产管理公司、家族理财室和富裕个人构成。Ayaltis被认定为符合集体投资计划联邦法案(集体投资计划法案,CISA,SR951.31)的资产管理公司; 并受瑞士金融市场监管局FINMA的直接监管。此外,Ayaltis还是瑞士资产管理协会(VSV)以及另类投资管理协会 (AIMA)的正式成员。





October 2008: Ayaltis founded by Son Nguyen, Ernesto Prado and Paul Shadwell.
December 2008: Flagship fund Areca Value Discovery is launched.
March 2010: Fund Narrapuno Spectrum is launched.
May 2013: Ayaltis becomes FINMA regulated.
February 2014: Fund Areca Liquid Focus is launched.
October 2014: Ayaltis passes $500 million AuM.
May 2015: Fund Narrapuno Spectrum is launched.
May 2016: Ayaltis moves to new office location.
August 2016: Fund Areca Azure is launched.