Welcome to Ayaltis AG

Ayaltis is a provider of specialized funds of hedge funds focusing on dislocated relative value and niche hedge fund opportunities to create superior risk-adjusted returns. Consistent risk-adjusted returns are achieved by applying a disciplined and proven investment process, over many years and investment cycles.

Ayaltis is independent and majority-owned by its partners, employees and strategic partners. Its client base is diversified and comprising mainly of institutional investors, family offices and wealthy individuals.

Our goal is to create portfolios with asymmetric return profiles, i.e. inexpensive options with significant upside and minimal downside risk. Our flexible investment strategy enables us to quickly capitalise on changing market opportunities and deploy capital only in the best ideas and sizegenetics that meet our investment criteria.

Ayaltis has a strong emphasis on under-researched and undervalued investment opportunities where we focus on demonstrable expertise, a proven track record of success and a limited competitive landscape.

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