Areca Sicav SIF – Azure

The Areca Sicav SIF – Azure Fund seeks to achieve a superior, risk- adjusted performance over the long-term through a concentrated portfolio of hedge funds. The target funds are broadly diversified within size, sectors and countries.  The Azure fund employs an opportunistic approach.

The core part of the portfolio is comprised of diversified equity related hedge funds strategies with low market exposure with either discretionary or systematic approach. The portfolio will be complemented with concentrated equity related long/short and tactical opportunities such as Event Driven and selected Global Macro strategies. The fund is characterized to produce defensive performance in volatile market environments by investing in strong equity market neutral components.

The objectives of the Azure Fund are a return net of fees between 8% – 12% p.a. over a three to five years investment horizon and a volatility of <8% p.a. The fund aims to maintain low correlation to equity, fixed income and commodity indices.

Fund details


Monthly, 5 business days notice


Monthly with 45 days notice


Monthly NAV and bi-monthly NAV estimates.

Fund Administrator:

Credit Suisse, Luxembourg

Fund Custodian:

Credit Suisse, Luxembourg

Fund Auditor:

Ernst & Young, Luxembourg

Fund Manager:

Ayaltis AG, Zurich

Fund objectives

Target Returns:

8% - 12% p.a. over a three to five year investment horizon.

Target Volatility:

< 8% p.a.

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